How to Visit James Bond 007 Skyfall Locations

Skyfall rooftop

Now most of you have watched Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, you’re probably thinking the same as we were - where was it filmed, and can you actually visit? So here’s our guide to the movie locations, but warning... may contain spoilers!

The Grand Bazaar in Turkey (the motorcycle chase)

Can you visit? Yes.

As I’m sure many of you know, the place does exist: it was filmed in Eminonu Square & the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Apparently they could only film on Sunday in the Grand Bazaar, the one day a week it is closed, to avoid endangering hapless tourists. Good job too!

The beach in Turkey

Can you visit? Yes.

It exists (although Bond won't be there). It’s the Calis Beach in Fethiye.

The swimming pool in Shanghai

Can you visit? Sort of.

The rooftop swimming pool located dangerously high up in Shanghai? In a gym in Canary Wharf London, I’m afraid, just next to the river Thames, transformed by CGI. So you could visit in London. But cross that off your wish list if you’re visiting Shanghai some time soon.

The futuristic skycraper in Shanghai

Can you visit? Sort of (again).

The skyscraper in which Bond and the assassin tussle? Again, not Shanghai - it’s the Broadgate Tower, again in London.

The casino in Macau

Can you visit? No.

Does such a stunning casino, surrounded by flaming lanterns and roaring dragon heads, exist in Macau? Better keep dreaming - it was a set built at Pinewood, the UK studios where James Bond is filmed. You could visit other casinos in Macau, of course... we just can’t guarantee the man-eating komodo dragons keeping guard!

Silva’s lair

Can you visit? Yes, if you're adventurous.

The old, abandoned buildings make a fittingly creepy island for a creepy villain. But can you visit anyway? Yes - but it is definitely not near Macau.

The island is based on Hashima Island, a Japanese island founded in 1916 about 15km from the coast of Nagasaki. The island was once a coal mining town and by 1959 it was one of the most densely populated places in the world, with an estimated 5,200 people living in the 15 acres. It was later abandoned in 1974 when coal mining fell from popularity, creating the perfect ghost town.

So the long shots were of the actual island, but the up close was another of the many sets built at Pinewood.

The Art Gallery in London (where Bond meets Q)

Can you visit? Yes.

This takes place in The National Gallery, just off Trafalgar Square. Rumour is that they had to film in the middle of the night to be able to get the place to themselves. Curious about the painting they admire? It's Turner's 'The Fighting Temeraire', located in room 34. And yes, this one you can most certainly visit - and for free too!

Westminster in London

Can you visit? Yes.

Again, the sweeping shots of Westminster are without doubt real - just take a stroll along the streets of London and hum the Bond theme tune to yourself...

Mi6 in London

Can you visit? Outside only...

The Mi6 HQ (or the SIS, Secret Intelligence Services, as it is formally known), has featured many times in the Bond movies. You can't visit this one, but you can see its impressive facade from the riverfront easily - walk across Vauxhall Bridge for the quintessential view.

The undergound bunkers in London

Can you visit? Sort of.

The underground tunnels are all real, too - London is famous for the number of disused tube stations and tunnels that have been forgotten about. So the idea that the Mi6 would function out of an old war shelter? Not at all out of the realms of possibility. Only Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms are currently open to the public, but take the Underground and you can easily imagine how many tunnels are lurking under London's surface.

The rooftop view over London

Can you visit? Only if you have friends in the right places.

The stunning rooftop view over London as the movie ends? It's filmed from the top of the UK government's Department for Energy and Climate Change, 55 Whitehall. So it does exist, but you won't be appreciating the views from there anytime soon.

Glencoe (the Scotland road trip)

Can you visit? Yes.

One of my favourite locations in Skyfall is Scotland. The vast landscape shots really showcase the stunning, albeit bleak, scenery of Scotland. The Aston Martin road trip was shot in Glencoe, Scotland, and you can definitely replicate this one yourself by driving along the A82 road.

Skyfall in Glencoe

Can you visit? No.

Does the house, the eponymous Skyfall, exist? Not in Scotland. And not any more. A full scale replica of the house was created in Hankley Common, Surrey. Fittingly, it was built on MOD (Ministry of Defence) land, before being blown up in classic Bond style.

What was your favourite location in Skyfall? Did I miss any?