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The United States of America is vast. One can spend an entire year across its 50 states and will realize that it still is not sufficient to have been able to see the entire country. Each state is unique and extensive on its own. Experience the cosmopolitan lifestyles in the extensive cosmopolitans like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle. Each city on its own has something unique to offer on its own. Visit Manhattan, in New York to experience the typical New Yorker lifestyle in the city that never sleeps. Get in line to go up the beautiful Empire States building.Experience the Hollywood lifestyle in Los Angeles or go to the sinful city of Las Vegas and try to win big at the casinos.

Also famous for amazing landscapes, explore the wonders of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, or take a dip in the Great Lakes and the warm sunny beaches of Florida and California. Head down to the amazing amusement parks and experience the rides of your life in exhilarating roller coasters and thrill rides or drive through the countryside and enjoy classic America. Enjoy a typical American hamburger or hot dog while watching the Sunday local football or baseball game.

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