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India, a country with over a billion people, is certainly larger than life. A walk down the busy streets enthralls all the senses: the vibrant colours of sari shops, the sound of Bollywood music blaring from the shops, the delicious fragrance of foods from the street stalls wafting over to you.

India offers a diverse experience for travellers: take in the romantic Taj Mahal at Agra, the Gateway of India in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, and the sleepy backwaters of southern India in Kerala. The wildlife that calls India home is stunning: see tigers, elephants and a variety of bird life. Enjoy a nice hot cup of tea at the chilling hill station of Darjeeling. Head to sacred city of Varanasi and experience serenity in the calm boat ride along the river Ganges. Soak in the finest temple architecture of the world in the spread through the many states of India. Visit the magnificent temple sculptures at the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai. Scrutinize the erotic artworks of Kamasutra at Khajuraho. Bask in the beauty of the tropical beaches of Goa along with its chilled-out relaxing or charged-up parties or visit the awesome ruins of the empire of Vijayanagara at Hampi.

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