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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of a few thousand islands. Sitting across the equatorial line, Indonesia is a tropical country that is spread out culturally making each destination throughout the country a unique experience.

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is a densely population city that has something to offer for everyone. Here, you can enjoy shopping at luxurious shopping outlets and celebrate nightlife at some of the most exciting locations in South East Asia. Jakarta is also well populated with architectural structures, museums and parks that fill in for interests in understanding the city's rich heritage.

Take a trip down to Bali, Indonesia's tropical paradise. Different from any other locations in Indonesia, Bali incorporates and centers Hindu cultures into many aspects of daily life. With a rich diversity in arts and crafts, Bali is a considered a major cultural destination. Experience and explore the Hindu culture and influences in Bali. Get pampered with Balinese spas and resort treatments.

Indonesia contains a large variety of temples and historical monuments providing tourist with a great insight and understanding of the region. It also caters for food lovers with endless exotic culinary temptations. Nature lovers will equally be interested in some of the most amazing sights such as the volcanic lake of Danau Toba and scuba diving at Pulau Weh

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