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Japan is one destination that brings together different ends of civilization. In one end, the nation flourishes in industrial modern technology and development. The other sees a nation with well preserved culture and traditional heritage.

Its capital, Tokyo is one of the most populated and developed cosmopolitans in the world. Equipped with futuristic facilities and infrastructures, the city thrives on efficiently supporting its population. Well networked, the public transportation allows commuting from the Imperial Palace, the Ysukiji fish market right to the hundreds of electrical shops in Akihabara. Tokyo, while having some of the best places for shopping, nightlife and all of the essentials a city life has to offer, it still places great importance in its history and traditions.

Visit the various temples, shrines and gardens across Japan in cities like Kyoto and Nara. Sit back and enjoy Kabuki performance as well as experience the traditional tea ceremonies. Explore exotic Japanese cuisines like the unbelievably fresh sushi in Tokyo or a welcoming bowl of ram-en in Osaka. Japan is certainly a place that has something to offer for everyone. Do all of this while enjoying the different scenery throughout the nation. It is a place that prides on providing good hospitality. To many, the best experience in Japan is experiencing the most gracious and welcoming treatment by the Japanese people themselves.

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