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Known as the largest landlocked country in the world, Kazakhstan is also known as an epitome of cultural blend; home to an incredible 131 ethnicities. Thus, this explains the diverse cultural mix and cultural experiences one will experience, while visiting this country.
Kazakhstan also possesses various types of terrains, from snowy mountains of Medeu to its majestic Charyn Canyon, which is situated its southern territory. On the other hand, the capital city, Astana, which is situated in the northern territory of the country is also an infallible place of architectural amazement.
However, for the more venturesome souls, Kazakhstan also bestows numerous, adventurous travel experiences, such as , visits to nuclear sites and former Stalinist gulags. Furthermore, to make travelling even more easier, Kazakhstan has recently introduced a visa-free travel opportunity up to 15 days, for citizens of 10 countries, and yes, Malaysia is one of them. Therefore, Kazakhstan is definitely a perfect travel destination, for your next vacation.

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