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Laos, a destination that has been in the past hidden from the rest of the world. It is one of Asia's little secret havens that many are yet to explore. Squeezed between much larger nations, visitors to Laos can enjoy the laid back and easygoing lifestyle of the people of Lao. With the majestic Mekong river flows through and forming the borders of the nation, Laos is the perfect place to enjoy the the view and the waterfront of one of the longest rivers in the world.

Visit Luang Prabang, the ancient capital and UNESCO heritage site with 32 temples. Observe the Alms Ceremony where monks collect alms from villages as part of an old tradition.
At Phonsavan, the mysterious Plains of Jars is a must visit location. Spread out to 3 different sites, the Plains of Jars are scattered groups of large rock jars of that are unknown of its origins. Most jars weighing from 600 kilograms to 1 tonne are believed to have been made during the Iron Ages. Also accessible here are many relics during the Indochina Wars.

The current capital of Laos, Vientiane is a slow paced city along the banks of the Mekong filled endless supplies of smiles and friendly inhabitants. Enjoy sights of the colonial architecture, temples and cultural parks while exploring exotic Lao delicacies like fried crickets.Laos is also an ideal destination for nature lovers. Go to Phu Khao Khuay Npa and Nam Ha Npa, both nature reserves with plentiful of natural sight sees like elephant herds, waterfall and other environmental tourist attractions.

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