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At the top of the world, Tibet has always been separated from the rest of the world. This remote and ancient Buddhist Kingdom presents the Himalayan Mountains in its very front yard, providing its visitors the most spectacular front row view to the top of the world. A land of spirituality and dreamers, Tibet provides for the serenity and calmness like no other. For travelers, it is without doubt one of the most remarkable place to visit in Asia.

Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet is located more than 3000 meters above sea level. This 1300 year old city also means the land of the Gods provides with sufficient supplies to tourist. Visit the Jongkhang Temple originally constructed in the 7th century AD to house the statues of Buddha which were brought in as gifts to the kingdom. Take in the features of the Potala Palace that served as the living quarters for the Dalai Lamas for many generations. Visit the Drepung & the Sera Monasteries once the largest and second-largest monasteries, respectively, in the world. Conquer breathtaking high-altitude treks through sections of the Himalaya.

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