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A country steeped in rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years, Uzbekistan is a unique destination, especially for culture vultures. Isolated by its looming mountains and expansive deserts, it still managed to be a crossroads of world civilizations. A major feat was the discovery of the Great Silk Road and the role it played in developing ancient Uzbekistan. Although being a dry, landlocked country its national landscape such as the disappearing Aral Sea and the Nuratau Mountains showcase the natural wonders of this Central Asian nation.

It is a must visit destination due its abundance of decadent mosques and mausoleums. The ancient city of Samarkand is home to many ancient man made marvels but its shining beacon is the magnificent Registan; the public square where Islamic architecture and design is illustrated to the highest degree. Other ancient cities which shouldn’t go amiss are Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent amongst many other lesser known historical dwellings. There’s more to Uzbekistan than its historical legacy, the people are some of the most welcoming you’ll ever meet on your travels. Be amazed by the diverse sphere of culture birthed from the harmonious ethnic mix of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazaks, Tatars and Karakalpaks.

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